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About us

In the development of the world more rapidly, especially in the field of information technology and communication, and almost all aspects require it. Companies large and small also need this technology to get maximum results.

In its development, every user of this technology must not escape the various problems encountered, while finding someone who is able to solve the problem is not easy.

Therefore we are here to answer all these problems. Wijamae Network and Communication Solutions is a company engaged in services and products. we bid to the convenience company to carry out their business to get maximum results.

As for some of the services that we offer, either services or goods, including IT Manage Service, Network & Communication Solutions, Consulting & Budgeting, Web Design Developer, and many others.

Our Services

IT Manage Service

From building strategic infrastructure, to securing customer’s IT environments, from ensuring data backup, to staying on top of warranties, service agreements and More 


Network Solution

Cyber security challenges not only put sensitive data at risk, but can also cost a business time, revenue, and resources. 


Consulting & Budgeting

Consulting and budgeting is a complex process that is characterized by uncertain long-term projections, political pressures and shortage of resources.


Communications Solutions

Provide solutions to all obstacles in communication, because we know communication is the most important thing in your business


Web Design & Developer

Shifting design trends make many sites look dated and don’t provide the information or functionality needed to convert visitors into paying customers, at the highest rate.


Supra-SYS Cloud

Cloud System. Very simple, very complete report, and low price. We are ready to Provide your Hospitality Management System at your Company


Driving technology for leading brands